The Fastest Way To Become A Freelancer


So you know how to use internet. Right ?

But, do you know, you can make money from Internet ?


In this first phase, a step by step information and guidance is given, in order to familiarize you with the environment, tools,  tips & techniques about a specific skill set.


We believe, you learn once you get your hands dirty.
In this phase, Hands on training is given to every participant depending on their skills level and the skill set.


Once a participant acquire enough practical expertise, they are assign with a team to work on a small portion of a live project or an existing one. We believe it’s a better way to horn a skill.


The final phase is to implement all the expertise acquired, either Solely or as a Group.
Of course, You’ll be guided to get a project, get it done and deliver to your client.


The choice is yours, whether to work from Home or Cluster (Coworking Space), get projects, get it done or be part of EveryOne.PK and produce exceptional people like yourself.

Who are Everyone.PK?

We are a team of skilled & passionate individuals and are here to give you the kick start you’ve been looking for. – Join EveryOne.PK and we’ll provide Industry specific training, tools, resources, road-map and the steps needed to change your life in a huge, positive way.!

EveryOne.PK is proudly incubated at Cluster, A community driven Co-working space for Freelancers in Peshawar.


We have industry experts, well qualified and experienced trainer’s from across KP, who knows the trends, pros and cons of the industry.

Job Oriented

Our experienced trainer’s will provide hands of training and look over the shoulder’s approach to horn your skills, ensuring you are ready to step into any job.


To register as trainer or student use the following form.


Everyone is an Educational platform, specifically, Skills Development leading to freelance employment, that helps individuals get the most out of web.
In simple terms, we help:
"Make Internet Works for Everyone".
We give you the necessary skills and road-map in order to succeed online and earn a decent living.

Find us at

Orange Door, 3rd Floor, Block B, New Spenzar IT Tower, Adjacent Gul Haji Plaza, University Road, Peshawar.


social : everyonepk